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Snaarmaarwaar 10 jaar

Ho Ro


Programma 2017




Snaarmaarwaar 10 jaar

Live ondernemen ze steeds weer een avontuurlijke trip, waarbij ze met hun gekende speelplezier de melodietjes alle hoeken van de kamer laten zien.

Nieuwe en oude folk gaan hand in hand, feestelijk en introvert, teder en rockend. Jeroen Geerinck is met zijn pompende en energieke gitaarspel de

turbo motor van het trio, de twin zetel waar mandola-man Maarten Decombel en Dhoore op mandoline zich gezellig in kunnen parkeren. Hun samenspel is compact, hun muziek to the point en hun visie hedendaags.

Ze spelen folk anno 2017: levend genre dat met beide benen in de wereld van nu staat.









Hailing from the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Hò-rò have quickly become ones to watch on the Scottish music scene. Their unique energetic tune arrangements and vibrant stage presence have had people dancing in venues across Scotland. They released their Debut Album in the summer of 2016, which has proven very successful.








Kvarts, het nieuwe repertoire van Estbel, loopt over van het magisch realisme; als ware Gabriel Garcia Marquez op wandel met Bjork; dartelend door de Noordelijke Natuur, verpozend op een bedje van spaarzame arrangementen en frêle harmonieën. Luister en laat u leven, herleven, herrijzen – wanneer voelde u voor het laatst uw ziel glimlachen?



16 uur


Mandolin Man





Lamia Bedioui & The Desert Fish


Lamia Bedioui is a Tunisian singer and story teller, living in Greece since 1992. She studied Economics at the University of Tunis where she gained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She studied music and singing at the Tunis Conservatory and at the National Conservatory of Athens. She has also attended many body-movement, voice-training and theater workshops.


Her professional career in singing started in 1995. Her repertoire embraces mainly traditional music and songs


from the countries around the Mediterranean as well as contemporary vocal compositions . She has collaborated with many Greek and international singers, musicians and performers of the Ethnic and Jazz music scenes such as Savina Yiannatou , Jon Balke, Wouter Vandenabeele, El jazzeera, Estudiantina Orchestra,Nikos Kipourgos…





Andreas Arend


Andreas Arend is a lutenist and composer. He studied early music in Berlin with Nigel North and Elizabeth Kenny. As a player of plucked period instruments he gives concerts mostly in Europe, but has been also guest in several places overseas.

He is member of Ensemble Chelycus, that concentrates mainly on german, austrian and italian music of the 17th century, but also works with the polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori, plays at Freiburger Barockorchester, Holland Baroque Society, Norske Barokksolistene and many others.

He led the Holland Baroque Society touring to Moscow, Poland and the Netherlands and with a programme concerning the Song of Songs on the Utrecht Early-Music-Festival.


Voor het folkfestival wordt het dit jaar, Passamezzi and music from Dowland´s time



Julie Fowlis


About Julie

Julie Fowlis’ exquisite voice, her interpretation of Scottish Gaelic culture and ability to bring folk music out of the past and into something contemporary, dynamic and irresistible, are what have made her a genuine and multi-award winning crossover star.

Her roots may be firmly in folk music and the Scottish Gaelic culture she grew up in, but her talent and style have brought her into the mainstream, where her unique ability to interpret the culture she is so passionate about, in a way that resonates with all who hear her sing, have won her broad new audiences.

Nominated for BBC Radio 2’s Folk Awards 2015, as 'Folk Singer of the Year', and 'Best Artist' at the Songlines world music Awards, Julie has a remarkable series of achievements to her name – including being the first solo Gaelic singer to be radio playlisted on the BBC, happily crossing genre to sing with Mary Chapin Carpenter or James Taylor, the five-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter; singing live to a TV audience of around 1 billion people at the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July 2014; collaborating with Aled Jones and virtuoso violinist Nicola Benedetti; making history by winning a Tartan Clef Scottish Music Award in 2014, and the Folk Band of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards, also in 2014.


For millions of little girls around the world – and their parents – Julie will forever be known for singing the theme song to Brave, Disney Pixar’s Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winning animated film, set in the ancient highlands of Scotland. Finding the perfect, authentic singing voice for the film was a priority for the producers, and they searched long and hard, instantly recognising that they had found what they needed when they first heard Julie sing. Having recorded the final vocal at over eight months pregnant with her second child, Julie accepted the invitation to fly to Hollywood for the premiere, with her co-producer, musical partner and husband, Éamon Doorley, and their two children, aged then just two years and two months.


Julie was brought up on North Uist in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, the last area in Scotland where Scots Gaelic is as prominent as the dominant language of Scotland, English.

She has been a proud standard bearer for Gaelic music and culture over the course of a solo career that has spanned over ten years, and four highly-acclaimed studio albums. The most recent, Gach Sgeul / Every Story, released in 2014, was given a five-star album review from Songlines World Music magazine.

Also well-known as a TV and radio presenter, Julie has broadcast for BBC Radio 2 and 4, BBC Radio Scotland and SKY ARTS HD. Most recently she presented the popular TV series Port with Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh on BBC ALBA and TG4, and has toured with the internationally-acclaimed Transatlantic Sessions, a spin-off from the hit TV series.

Julie remains committed to deepening her knowledge of Highland and Gaelic culture, tradition and history through continued research and academic projects. In addition to her two degrees (a BA Honours in Applied Music and an MA in Material Culture & The Environment), she was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.






Bob, Frank en Zussen.


Bob, Frank en Zussen ontstond toen Bob Van Pottelberghe en Frank Claessens met hun respectievelijke zussen Annemie en Gina deelnamen aan een Ontdek-de-studentenster van de universiteit Antwerpen. Dat was in 1972. Zij eindigden op de tweede plaats na wijlen Jan Puimège. Aanvankelijk speelden zij Vlaamse en Amerikaanse volksliederen.


De ontdekking van het English Book Of Poetry dreef hen naar de oude muziek. In 1977 verscheen de eerste LP Bob, Frank en Zussen met eigentijdse interpretaties van vocale en instrumentale muziek uit de middeleeuwen en de renaissance. Door studie van koorboeken en oude muziekbundels alsook door opzoekingen in bibliotheken werd het repertoire steeds uitgediept.


Ook de groep werd uitgebreid met een vijfde man, Philippe Lardinois, een oude schoolkameraad. In deze bezetting verscheen de tweede LP Audite Silete. Annemie verliet de groep omwille van familiale redenen. Zij werd vervangen door Katrien Reymer, die te horen is op de derde plaat E Pericoloso Sporgersi. Nadien verlieten ook Bob en Katrien de groep. Bob, Frank en Zussen werd opnieuw een viertal met een nieuwe zangeres Randi Broager-Grøn. Zo brachten zij drie CD's uit in de jaren negentig. Ondertussen werd een vijfde man aangetrokken, Gerd Van Loock, die een nieuwe toets aan de muziek toevoegt. In deze bezetting verscheen de nieuwste CD Forget Not Yet.






Tribute Wannes Van de Velde


Met onder meer, Jan De Smet, Hans Mortelmans, Bernard Van Lendt, Marc Hauman. Om het zo omvangrijke oeuvre van Wannes voor eeuwig levend te houden.













19 uur


David Munnelly & Philip Masure



Ana Alcaide



'Leyenda’ is a very personal album inspired by legends and mythologies of women and feminine beings from Spain, Europe, and diverse places from around the world.


To me legends are the key to understand an ancient wisdom that has been carved into the collective consciousness of people. The essence of their stories and archetypical characters is reflected in a variety of mythologies, reminding us of the universal need to express the same worries.

'Leyenda' is a tribute to all women and to the feminine side, because our lives are reflected in that of the protagonists and, through that, we become part of the legend ourselves. I invite you to go through that mirror daring to feel their stories; after all, their light and darkness are ours too.




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